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KAB Electric is an electrical contracting business owned by Ray and Kellee Uber, and has been serving the Joplin and 4-State area since 2003. Ray Uber is the President of the company, with over 20 years experience and is a licensed Master Electrician. Kellee Uber serves as Vice President and is responsible for Customer Relations as well as being the Office Manager.

We live in a world of ever changing technology.The electrical trade has been advancing at high speed. We are amazed at how much has changed in the electrical trade since 1990: the National Electric Code has updated 10 times; light bulbs can illuminate brighter while lasting longer, yet using less energy; protection devices have been developed and are required by code to protect against electrical fires in new houses; standby generators are becoming a common household appliance; child-proof receptacles prevent accidental shocks and even death; home automation systems, solar energy panel integrations, receptacles with USB capabilities, Smart Homes, and theater rooms are growing in popularity.

However, other changes have taken place in the construction trade as well. In our weak economy and poor housing industry, many electricians, contractors, and the consumer themselves are attempting to save money and build their projects as cheaply as possible. Shortcuts are being taken at the cost of quality and safety. In an attempt to complete more jobs for less cost, good customer service and client satisfaction is declining in our industry. However, consumers are actually raising their electric budgets by purchasing the wrong materials, not passing their building inspections, and are then having to hire a professional to repair their work.  KAB Electric is battling this trend by constantly finding more efficient methods to save on labor, constantly price comparing our material to get the best product for the best price, all while maintaining high levels of quality and safety.

Constructing your new dream home or commercial structure or remodeling your existing home or business is a long-term investment. The electrical systems and wiring are at the heart of your project: It is controlling your temperature, preserving your food, lighting your way, and fueling your technology. You want to choose an electrical contractor that will install quality material that will last. You want an electrician that guides your decisions for a safely wired new or used home. You want experienced tradesmen to advise you on installing energy efficient lighting. We can do all of these things at KAB Electric, with excellent customer service and warranting the workmanship of our services.

And, as technology rises in this new and improved business world, we advance with it, staying up to date and trained in the developments that will enhance and improve the lives of our customers. Although we look toward the future, we pledge to always hang on to good old fashioned values; treat every customer like our #1 client, charge fair prices, give honest inspections and reasonable estimates, instill a love of the trade in our employees, and take pride in every job we do, big or small!

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