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KAB Electric Restaurant Special in Carl Junction Joplin and Webb City


1)  SAFETY:  New breaker panels and new services offer greater safety to your structure. For example, in an outdated fuse panel, every time a fuse blows, it must be replaced.  In a new breaker panel, the breaker is easily reset.  In an old fuse panel, people are tempted to replace fuses with larger amp fuses to keep from having to replace them.   The next owner of structure believes correct size fuses are protecting them, when in reality, the too large of fuses cannot do their job of detecting sparks and shorts, putting the building at risk of electrical fire and circuit overloads.  When a new breaker trips, it does not need replaced so the correct size stays, and the homeowner knows there is an electrical problem---whether in your electrical receptacle, switch, light or in your electrical appliances and power cords.

2) CODE REQUIREMENTS:  Don’t wait until you HAVE to update your system. If the city or utility company turns off your electricity for any reason, they will make you bring your service up to current National Electrical Code.  They will not reconnect your power until all code requirements and inspections have been met.  Current code requires a minimum of a 100 amp service and many older homes have a 60 amp service.  In our experience, these electric disconnects often happen at inconvenient times, like middle of the night, weekends, and holidays--and homeowners are forced to pay overtime labor charges and go long periods without power waiting on city inspectors and utility company reconnects!

3) INSURANCE DISCOUNT:  Check with your insurance agent.  Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners and business owners for up to code services and breaker boxes.

4) SELLING A HOME/BUSINESS:  It is easier to sell your property with up to code electrical systems.
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