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With our well trained electricians, we are ready to work with you on your next project.

Some of our Commercial Services include:

• New construction commercial buildings
• Restaurant repairs and electrical installations/improvements/lighting
• Medical facility code upgrades and special equipment wiring
• Building rewires/remodels
• Custom offices/desks
• General electrical maintenance and light bulb replacement
• Run electrical under ground and parking lot pole lights and signs
• Troubleshooting electrical problems
• Adding circuits to improve commercial electrical efficiency
• Telephone/cable/low voltage data
• Standby generator installation
• Ballast and lighting upgrades to the latest standards

Retail businesses, restaurants, factories, machine shops, office buildings, banks, etc. require 24/7 electricity to be a successful business. KAB Electric is up to date on all commercial codes and requirements to keep businesses powered up for day to day work and protect the safety of the structures for the employees and customers in these buildings. As technology continues to evolve, businesses find themselves needing more electrical devices and specialty wiring to fuel their computers, phone systems, satellites/cable TV's, security systems, and lighting. And, as electricity itself is a major expense to commercial facilities, KAB has become experts at energy efficient, money saving techniques and installation to help keep those costs as low as possible for businesses.

A day without electricity can cost businesses from 100's to 1,000's of dollars and lost employee time and even close the doors. Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts or reduced rates for commercial buildings that have up to code services, panels and sufficient circuits vs overloaded circuits.

We can handle all of your commercial and industrial electric needs. Contact us with your next project.

Some of our Industrial Services include:

• Machine shops and factories
• Hard wiring of machines and industrial equipment
• Motor control integration

New Construction Commercial Buildings

KAB Electric electricians are the experts in new commercial electrical wiring.  Commercial code requirements allow for more flexibility in the placement of receptacles and light switches and we offer consulting and design build so each commercial electrical project is custom to the needs of the business.  We use quality material purchased at the lowest cost possible to keep each electrical system in a competitive budget.  We offer advice on the most energy efficient light fixtures and lamps to provide future cost savings to our business customers. 

We work hand in hand with the General Contractor to keep the commercial new construction project on schedule.  We provide temporary power and temporary lighting for all sub contractors on the jobsite. 
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