When Your Connection Matters, Call KAB at (417) 649-6057.
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When disasters strike, we can be there to help!

We are on the job when disaster happens. Often times people will call the electric company and wait on them to arrive, only to find out that they can not work on all or part of the problem.

Lightning strikes, wind storms, and ice storms can shut down your service and destroy your electronic appliances and devices. We offer consultation for proper grounding, electrical surge protection, tree trimming, and back up generator systems ahead of the storm to keep your home and business operational during these storms.

In addition, animals and rodents can cause disaster to strike.  These critters can enter attics, crawl spaces, and walls and chew on your electrical wires, causing shorts and electrical fires.  Call us if you know you have been affected by squirrels, mice, etc to prevent these problems.

Sadly, there has been a rise in theft and vandalism of copper wiring. We are experts at repairing such electrical issues as safely and inexpensively as possible.

We install (and sell) Generators

In advance of such disasters, we also install (and sell) generators for residential, commercial and industrial use. Generators are no longer a luxury in our world. They are becoming more of a standard, like a hot water tank or central heat. The midwest experiences power outages more frequently every year with an increasing amount of wind and ice storms. The laws of supply and demand have helped to make the price of generators affordable.

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